“I recommend this school to anybody who not only wants more knowledge on making drinks, but who wants to have enjoyment while learning! If you have absolutely no experience, no worries! This course is all hands on, Kevin makes sure your intaking all the necessary knowledge needed to succeed in the bartending industry. Not only do you learn how to be a certified mixologist, but you also learn how to make your money behind your bar. Kevin is an amazing instructor and makes sure you leave that class off to success. Additionally, Angela is extremely thorough on the course before signing up, she is very organized & made it quick & easy for me to get certified. I would take this course all over again, it’s worth every penny and was such a great experience!”

-Saraiya Garcia

“I was very close to choosing ABC Bartending school because of the price, but believe me when I say that this school is well worth the money. Not only did I get up to date knowledge on drink preparation, but Kevin also made assisted me with job placement. And if you’re like me, finding a good job Bartending is the End goal. Wouldn’t recommend another place.”


“I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! I’ve bartended before (beer and wine) and I did work in a full liquor bar where they were going to “Train” me on cocktails but didn’t . I was embarrassed when customers would ask me about different cocktails and I couldn’t deliver. I decided to take advantage of my time and really Immerse my self in the beautiful world of Mixology. I couldn’t be happier with my decision! My class was amazing and the energy was igniting! Kevin really took his time to make sure I was 100% confident in my knowledge of my drinks and my desire to be an amazing Bartender! Thank you Angela , Kevin and my classmates! I’m super proud to say I’m in the Elite Family and can’t to see what the future holds!”

-Nicol Rodriguez

“First off if you’re feeling anxious or overthinking I promise you once you walk into class all of those feelings go away !!!!! Kevin/Ryan are both amazing instructors!!! I DIDN’T KNOW ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ABOUT BEING A BARTENDER!!!!! Today I could confidently say I know what I’m doing and I do everything calm, cool, and collective. Kevin makes you feel so comfortable behind a bar it’s crazy how much I’ve stressed myself out and I show up to class and it’s so calm and not nothing compared to what I thought it’d be! I PROMISE YOU WONT REGET COMING TO THIS CLASS !!! It’s so worth it especially all the knowledge I know now it’s amazing !! THANK YOU SO MICH KEVIN !!! God Bless you and your family !!! I appreciate you taking your time with us student !!!”

-Sol Delgado

“An absolutely thorough and hands on experience. I learned so much about bartending in just two short weeks. The instructors truly care about your progress and your future in the industry. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone.”

-Shannon Burke

“Best choice I made coming to this school The Elite team is helpful and educated on bartending ELITE has so many opportunities I recommend ELITE BARTENDING SCHOOL to everyone who wants to make money.”

-Natacha Santos

“I went to this school a month after I turned 18. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life and I decided to try this bartending course. I checked out other schools and I wasn’t too impressed with any until I walked into Elite Bartending. Kevin was very informative and open about everything they do there and gave me a very welcoming feeling. Throughout the course, he motivated me when I was doubting myself. I think during this course was the best two weeks of my life, i had so much fun and learned a skill that my instructor ended up making me love and be passionate about! I walked into the class knowing absolutely nothing about liquor or flavors or anything and with the professional, knowledgeable and personable instruction I happily passed with a 95% and I feel very confident I would make a good bartender because of Elite Bartending.”

-Sydney C