At Elite Bartending School Tampa, we really concentrate on teaching the most current and up to date cocktails and recipes.

Mixology is very important to learn at bartending school and is implemented in our bartending classes and workshops. Here at Elite Bartending School Orlando we believe that the Mojito teaches the fundamentals of mixology.

The Mojito became very famous in the united states only recently when compared to the Mojitos rich history.

The Birth place of the Mojito is Havana, Cube, although the exact origin is the subject of debate. But the Origin isn’t important. What’s important is the fact that this drink has revolutionized the world of cocktails today.

Traditionally the Mojitos consist of five ingredients, Rum, sugar, lime, mint and Soda. This recipe has inspired bartenders to utilize ingredients such as herbs and spices, using ingredients once only found in the kitchen, to create amazing tasting cocktails.

The technique of the Muddle has inspired bartenders all over the world, inspiring bartenders to use fresh ingredients, rather than using pre-made mixers, just like the good old days.

Even though we teach our bartending students at Elite Bartending School Tampa how to create cocktails using the everyday ingredients, we also love to inspire them, teaching students the classic way of cocktail making.

So from all of us at Elite Bartending School Tampa, thank you Ernest Hemingway for bringing us the Mojito from Cube to Key West all those years ago.